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Who Are We?

Animal Finders of Beaver County PA is a 100% volunteer Facebook group dedicated to finding lost pets, reuniting them with their loving families and keeping them safe.  We have over 8,000 volunteer members from many different cities, counties, and states.


When a pet is missing or a stray is found we spring into action.  We contact the owner or finder and gather as much information as possible.  We post a description, picture, and flyers of the lost/found pet, along with how and where the pet went missing or has been found.  We then alert everyone in the group that we know in that area so they can share with friends, family, and any groups they belong to.  We also ask all other members of the group to share a picture and description of the missing pet on their sites.


Available members will travel to the area the pet went missing, hang flyers, and physically search for the lost pet.  If necessary, at times we will set humane traps which has been a great success in catching those animals that have been missing for a significant amount of time.


We also provide support and guidance to owners and finders during the emotional and difficult time that their pet is missing.  Several times a day members scour Facebook, Craigslist, and other pet selling sites to determine if the missing or stolen pets are posted for sale.


If owners cannot be located or if the pet is no longer wanted, we assist in finding them a safe place until they can find a forever home.


All members are our eyes and ears to the success of this group.  We search, we find, we reunite.  We support animal rights.


Why?  Because our fur babies are part of our family and all of the dangers that exist for lost pets.

Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we speak for them.


It is because of people like you in the community that we have been so successful in reuniting these precious animals back with their families.  Our goal is to keep these animals safe!  We can't do this without the help of people like you in our communities.

 You guys are wonderful! You search rain or shine.  Thank you for helping us find Molly and bringing our family back together again!

~Kathy C. - Missing pet mom 

 "We can't thank everyone enough for the prayers and support! This team is absolutely amazing!"

~Roberta K - AFOBC Member

 "Thank you all for being part of our team! Please continue to invite your friends! You are all rock stars!!

~Kimberly K- AFOBC Member

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